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Here you will find professional advice related to swimming, tips and tricks related to swimming competitions, plus useful information about other swimmers.


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This category is meant to help beginners, but not only. Read here about swimming preparations, what equipment gear to use, plus other useful resources before dipping in.


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Here you will find useful advice for the actual swimming part. From learning how to breathe to analyzing various techniques, you can find it all here.


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This is where we publish articles that review helpful swimming gadgets, as well as special equipment. You can use these for swimming-related shopping.


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Love swimming

At Swimzer we are a group of people who love swimming and everything related to a healthy lifestyle. We’re interested in living responsibly, which is why we often talk about swimming innovations, methods, expert advice, accessories, and more.

Why Swimzer?

You may be interested in swimming as a hobby, a tool for losing weight, a sport where you’re a pro, or simply as a means to be healthy. Regardless of your reason to be interested in this, you will surely appreciate the vast array of advice, tips and tricks, product recommendation and reviews you’ll find on Swimzer.

We want the best for you

Remember that swimming is something inherent to us, people. We have it instinctively inside of us, you just need to unlock your full potential. And the Swimzer team is ready to help, no matter what you need. Our blog will show you various guides to training, workout, exercise routines, diet plans, and it doesn’t stop here!

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